About 20% of the population has a contact allergy. In the course of a 7% of the population will develop allergic contact dermatitis. allergic contact dermatitis, which manifests itself with itchy reddened skin, inflammation, blisters and weeping erosions. Such eczema eczema is very stressful for those affected; it stigmatises and limits their quality of life, and - in the case of a contact allergy to an occupational allergy to an occupational substance - it can lead to the loss of a job. Contact allergy is also important for the national economy. Occupational occupational skin diseases, mostly contact eczema, are the most reported occupational top of the list of reported occupational diseases. The costs arising in this connection are costs are estimated at over 100 million euros per year. In contrast to other allergies, e.g. to the respiratory tract, contact allergy is not curable. contact allergy is not curable. There is no causal therapy, no hyposensitisation. Those affected have to strictly avoid their contact allergens contact allergens for the rest of their lives in order to remain eczema-free. To do this, they must know their allergens and their occurrence. So that as few people as possible people become sensitised, i.e. get a contact allergy in the first place, is prevention is important. In products for daily use as well as in as well as in products used at work should contain as few allergens as possible products should contain as few allergens as possible in as low a concentration as possible. However, it is not always possible to avoid the use of allergenic substances, especially in a professional context. the use of allergenic substances. In this case, safe handling of these safe handling of these products is all the more important.