Winalldat Net

Software description

WinAlldat Net is an allergological documentation system with a focus on sp ättype allergies. However, computer-aided documentation also supports the documentation and management of immediate-type test substances and test series. Anamnesis is based on an IVDK-compliant anamnesis sheet for the recording of contact allergies within the framework of a multicentre study. Due to the modular structure, clinic-specific extensions such as forms and reports are possible.

WinAlldat Net software in the environment overview
  • Patient master data administration
  • examination and case data - IVDK anamnesis questionnaire page 1
  • Extended anamnesis e.g. with questions about cigarette consumption
  • Administration of the test sheets with the patient's own substances
  • Administration of clinic-specific test series
  • Recording of readings and reactions
  • Documentation of the clinical relevance of positive reactions
  • Closure and findings documentation - IVDK anamnesis questionnaire page 2
  • Print and export (PDF) of test and findings protocol
  • Flexible anamnesis extension through self-defined additional questions
  • Administration functions such as e.g. management of a case, deactivate test series
  • Compression and re-indexing of the database (Access)
  • Data backup - Backup of the WinAlldat Net directory
  • Search and filter test substances (to exclude duplicate tests)
  • function for importing the DKG test series updates
  • Pseudonymous data transmission as AES encrypted ZIP file
  • Function for creating and exporting test series forms
  • Quality control of the anamnesis data - Control of date fields
  • Reporting module to create filtered lists incl. PDF and Excel export
  • Regular maintenance and database updates, support assistance
Development of the WinAlldat Net software 

The WinAlldat Net Software 2.0 was installed as a network version on 4 PC clients as part of a beta test in June 2015 in the Allergology Department of the University of Göttingen (UMG). Currently, the WinAlldat Net Software 2.0 R10 is used in 51 IVDK centers. The WinAlldat Net Software 2.0 is available for all IVDK associated clinics under . By default WinAlldat Net uses the MS Access database format (mdb)
Since 18.09. 2017 the one Microsoft® SQL Server installation SQL Server Installation in the functional area Allergology of the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) has been tested within the scope of a functional test.

WinAllldat Net IT Support

All participating IVDK clinics can contact the technical support of the IVDK on weekdays free of charge for installation questions and malfunctions.

Network installations

are limited by the IVDK due to their complexity and the associated clinic-specific program adaptations. An IT local employee with administrator rights (DBA) must be appointed to ensure the trouble-free operation of the IVDK software in the network. A network installation will be carried out after consultation with the IVDK technical support, depending on the type of installation. License fees for a WinAlldat Net installation are not charged or incurred.

Export and data exchange

The content of the MS-Access database or MS SQL-Server database can be further processed by suitable standard software. The ODBC interface as well as various import and export formats such as PDF, HTML, text and XML are available as standard.

Installation requirements

The following points must be defined by you before the (network) installation of the IVDK software WinAlldat Net

  • Appointing an IT contact person (DBA) for local database administration
  • Scope of the PC systems on which are installed
  • Single-user or multi-user installation (Server, Windows share)
  • At what times do you read? (e.g. 20m, 24h, 48h etc.)
  • Determination of further test types, reactions and reading times (Type-1)
Technical requirements
  • Standard industrial PC systems with at least 2 GB RAM
  • Internal hard disk with approx. 5 GB free space
  • Backup medium like USB drive, network share (Windows-Share)
  • Monitor with min. 1024x768 and laser printer
  • Internet connection to download IVDK software updates (Firewall Proxy)
  • Remote maintenance access (Citrix, VPN, RDP, Teamviewer etc.)
  • MS-Access database on Windows server with network share or MS SQL-Server (Express)
  • For further processing of the export data Microsoft® Office Professionell is recommended
Supported Microsoft Windows operating systems:
  • Microsoft® Windows 8 / 8.1 Professional, Enterprise 32 u. 64bit
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 Home, Professional, Education, Enterprise 32 / 64bit
  • Windows .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 runtime library