Administrative Work

  • Administration of the IVDK, and ESSCA-DC, German Contact Allergy Research Group (DKG) web sites
  • Administration of the IVDK Server and network infrastructure
    Synology Intranet Fileserver (NAS) and Alfahosting Webserver since 07/2012
    Open BSD/Unix Web- und Fileserver - 01/2000 - 06/2012
  • Administration of the IVDK’s department client systems - OS: Windows 10 Professional 64bit

Consulting and Service

  • First-, Second- und Thirdlevel Support of the IVDK (national) and the ESSCA alliance
  • Software Development of the IVDK core programs Winalldat Net 
  • Software Development of DKG (German Contact Allergy Research Group) short term studies
  • Project and quality management in the field of software development
  • Consulting on measures in the fields of IT infrastructure and security