The IVDK Since 1988 Until Today

The Information Network of Departments of Dermatology for recording and scientific analysis of contact allergies (IVDK) has been founded as a multi-centric project under participation of initially eight university dermatologic departments of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1988. The head office of the project was set up at the university dermatologic department of Göttingen. At present there cooperate 55 dermatologic hospitals at the IVDK. The project was being supported by the then Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMFT) within the context of a program called "Epidemiology of Allergies". Since January 1st in 1994 the IVDK has been supported by the Association for Support on Research and Prevention of Occupationally and Non-Occupationally Induced Allergic Diseases (GEPA e.V.). In the meantime the GEPA has changed its name to IVDK e.V..

The IVDK's system of surveillance rests on the following three pillars:

  • Recording of certain anamnestic details and results of prick tests of all tested patients within the daily routine
  • Half-yearly transmission of the data to the head office of the IVDK in Göttingen
  • Analysis of the data at the IVDK's head office by the statistic program-package SAS®

The system is well suited for the specific way of documentation in hospitals and recording of data is integrated in the daily routine there. This creates a high level of acceptance which again has a positive impact on the quality of the data. First patients were recorded in November 1989 at a few hospitals. Results are published in medical journals and furthermore serve as advice for regulatory authorities, professional associations, industry, and the media. By publications and giving advice, these agencies shall be supported in their aim to reduce the number of allergic illnesses and thus prevent public health from damage.

Tasks of the IVDK

  • The IVDK is an epidemiological system of monitoring that generates data and information which is necessary for the prevention of contact allergies.
  • Members consist of dermatologic departments in German-speaking areas as Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
  • Data of all prick-tested patients is collected by the WinAlldat IVDK-software and analyzed in the head office of the IVDK; at present around 12.000 patients a year.
  • Cooperation with the German Contact Allergy Group (DKG e.V.)
  • List of series of tests

Involved Departments, Recorded Patients

At the time of the IVDK’s formation in 1988 there were 8 university-dermatologic clinics involved. In 1992 seven more dermatologic clinics joined in the course of the BMFT project and in the following years many more followed. Today (January 2016) there are 55 centers altogether actively participating in the IVDK. All involved departments are members of the German Contact Allergy Group (DKG) in the German Dermatologic Society (DDG). Per year there are approximately 12.000 patients recorded.

Anzahl Patienten pro Jahr

In January 2016 there was the anamnestical and clinical data as well as the testing results of approx. 274.000 patients and cases respectively stored in the central database of the IVDK.

Scientific Work

Until December 2016, 460 articles from members of the IVDK’s staff have been published in scientific magazines. Apart from this, results of the IVDK were presented on numerous conferences and congresses by lectures and posters (Overview of Publications). Due to the number of articles the contents cannot be discussed here.

More information can of course be obtained by contacting the staff of the IVDK.